My husband and I always have a cup of tea in Llandudno when we go shopping. With the tea we always have a packet each of your Stem Ginger Cookies. We think these biscuits are absolutelygorgeous. Is it possible for us  to buy these biscuits  from a food outlet for us to  consume at home.

Gwyneth Corr

A few days ago I was travelling 1st Class on a Virgin train to London as I had a meeting at the House of Commons. During my journey I was given a small packet of All Butter Cookies (indulge). I found these biscuits extremely tasty.

Miss Manju Bector

Hi, I travelled by train from London – Glasgow yesterday and bought 2 Indulge fruit cake slices. My wee boy totally loved them and I was wondering if these were available for sale within your website or in any stores? We live in Wishaw, Scotland.

Lesley Staniard


Hi there, I bought a couple of stem ginger cookies from a service station in June, not expecting much in the way of taste or goodness…. but i was so impressed that I kept the wrapper with the intention of finding out more.

I really want to know where I can buy your biscuits (not just the ginger ones) please. I live in Somerset, please don’t tell me I’ve got to go all the way to London again!


I have just eaten some of your chic chip cookies in a service station and they are delicious. Thanks!


Could you please tell me if there is anywhere in Liverpool that stock them. I recently bought some on the Virgin Train service and have not been able to find any stockists of them. Thanking you for your time.

Jenny Burrows